We're all about “mix”

Office culture is kind of like a great play list. It's all about balancing diversity with a common theme–and the right attitude.

At Schultz Frost LLP we take our play list seriously. Big business, big ideas and big fun is our idea of a great mix. Drop by on a Friday afternoon and you might discover an intensive strategy session–or an equally intensive mini-putt tournament.

We grow great people

We get it. Everyone wants access. Everyone wants to grow.

So, we designed Tuesday coffee hour so that our associates could sit in with partners as they hash out key client strategies. Everyone gets a seat at the table and the opportunity to mix it up with our thought leaders.

Bottom line. We offer a diversity of experiences combined with the right tools and support to shine.

The right mojo

Whether you are a talented lawyer, motivated assistant, passionate clerk or a student ready to take on the world, if you think you have the right mojo, upload your CV and Cover Letter.


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